Back with some Bali Love…

I have been missing in action for about 4 months!! Sorry! And I have no excuses, other than being busy with my day job in the events world and working on ideas for a new little ‘venture’ with my best friend…more of that in another post. So I’m back and looking forward to sharing some beautiful stories and style I have encountered of late.

I’ve just returned from a little getaway in Bali….a beautiful island of creativity, spirituality and incredible luxury. Days are spent in heavenly resorts, waking to yoga practice followed by banana pancakes and ginger tea. Frangipani trees line our paths and the calming sound of flowing water trickling down sandstone walls fill our ears. The peace and tranquility is contrasted by the chaotic bustle of shopping and wandering the streets of Seminyak. Concept stores showcase fashion labels and on-trend homewares. The creative scene is very strong and local brands boast innovation paired with an eclectic style. There is a strong feeling of ying and yang here.
image wake me to see the sunrise

Under a dusky sky, people head to the beach for a sundowner cocktail. Perfectly mixed lychee martinis are served as the sky turns purple and the sun slips below the Indian ocean. There are many stunning spots to enjoy this nightly ritual but my favorites are The Rock Bar and Ku De Ta. Perch high up over the ocean, drink in the perfumed air and anticipate where you might head for dinner.

Image The Rock Bar

Sardine and Metis, in the middle of Seminyak with a backdrop of candlelit rice paddies are incredible. The atmosphere and menus are very special. Stay late and renew your energies the next day with a Bali favourite, coconut water. Sold on every corner, a coconut with a straw is the best way to detox from the evening’s cocktails. Organic healthy choices are plentiful in Bali so be clean by day and dirty at night!

The Balinese have perfected the art of luxury resorts and one of my favorites is The Purist at Ubud, an ultimate hideaway. Villas are layered in carved timber, soft sandstone and granite. This tactile mix is heavenly for the senses and makes for stunning surroundings. They perfected the Balinese tradition of an outside bathroom. Being able to bathe and shower under blue skies and starry nights is one of life’s pleasures. Incorporate one into your dream beach shack now!

Images Wake me to see the sunrise & Pinterest

Bali is not all luxury and style. To the locals, their home is a blessed island of ceremony and tradition, where daily rituals dictate the rhythm of life. Embrace these simple pleasures and fill your home with rose-scented incense, find a quiet corner and enjoy a little pot of herbal tea… bring back memories of Bali long after you return.

Image Pinterest


More Ibiza musings….

I couldn’t finish my little piece on Ibiza without mentioning La Paloma This beautiful, quirky, magical little restaurant is one of the best on the island. On the evening we visited, the sunset was more stunning than usual as we drove north to San Lorenzo. Across dusty roads we drove, following the sun as it dipped below the mountains.

On arrival to the tiny village of San Lorenzo, we found La Paloma tucked into a cosy little corner and followed the lanterns that lit the path to this beautiful place. The restaurant was overflowing with people…young and old bohemians. There was a magic in the air as old rickety wooden tables filled every nook and cranny of the terrace, patio, garden and inside too, all laced with fairy lights. We squeezed into a small table under the stars and soaked up the laughter and energy surrounding us. La Paloma was started by a family wanting to provide simple seasonal food. The menu changes daily and is scribbled up on a board…it’s whatever they have found at the market, in the garden, or dreamt up in the kitchen. They serve fresh local dishes inspired by their surroundings. The vibe is hippy, alternative and rustic. There are whimsical paintings on the wall of flowers and birds, mismatched crockery and cutlery laid on brightly painted tables. That night we dined on eggplant, fish, garlic and olive oil spaghetti with Rose. Above us the moon shone brightly lighting the night sky and we know we’re in Ibizan heaven.




1 La Paloma
2 La Paloma

White Isle Gourmet

Following on from my musings on all things Ibizan style, I thought I would tell you about some beautiful restaurants I experienced on my last trip to the white isle. To me, Ibiza is a gastronomic destination and most of my holiday is spent researching the best places to eat and drink, talking to the locals and fashion types in the know, and reading reviews. It was a heady haze of long lunches of Iberian ham, melon, mussels, and mojitos eaten lazily under the shade. In the evening, we’d book a table after sunset and as the sun dipped below the horizon, we’d wind our way across the tiny isle in search of a gourmet treat to remember.

One of our favorites is Can Domingo, a rustic yet elegant restaurant owned by 3 Italian friends wanting to create their perfect eatery. And they did! On the road from Ibiza town to San Jose you will see the glow of orange lamps nestled against the hillside. A swinging sign is the only clue to the little finca housing this heavenly restaurant at the end of the long driveway. Tables are scattered across a patio looking out across the fields and lit by lanterns in the trees. A stone bar curves out across the terrace and the setting is romantic, atmospheric, with a nod to the stylish vibe Ibiza is so famous for. The owners greet everyone like old friends and bring an old blackboard to the table to tell us about the menu. They describe every dish with passion and knowledge, giving us an insight into the unusual ingredients and telling us the stories behind these beautiful old recipes. It is gourmet heaven and an indulgent experience to savour. Dinner is carpaccio, gnocchi, lamb in lavender and honey, and a recipe created by monks 600 years ago. We match this with special wines and drink in this incredible dining spot…how is it not full every night!? It was by far our most romantic evening and we skipped out of Can Domingo smiling, dreaming of our next visit and feeling very lucky to have stumbled across this rustic little finca on the hill.

Tomorrow I will tell you about another favourite dining spot….



1 Can Domingo terrace
2 Can Domingo sign

Ibiza Style

Ibiza is a sun-drenched party island well known for its bohemian luxe style. It is the eclectic mix of rustic, boho and contemporary chic that makes it just so cool. From the hip boutique hotels and gourmet restaurants serving organic locally sourced food, to beach clubs with stunning views and mojitos to die for, Ibiza is a heavenly hedonistic island with a vibe quite unlike anywhere else.

Ibiza’s stunning hotels and restaurants are sanctuaries of style, often hidden down narrow rocky tracks winding through dry paddocks. There’s nothing like enjoying a perfectly mixed cocktail to the sounds of chilled tunes, surrounded by white washed walls, rustic timber and smooth carved stone furniture. With the sun dipping below the horizon, Ibiza’s sky glows hot orange and you find yourself at a cool little eatery tucked away in the hillside but buzzing with the fashionistas and hippies that make their yearly pilgrimage to this heavenly place.

Here are a few of my favorite spots and design to lust after long after your holiday ends.








2 The Giri Residence
3 The Giri Cafe
4 El Churringuito Es Cavallet
5 Amante Beach Club
7 The Giri Residence
8 The Giri Residence