Copper Glow


There is a common theme running through interiors that are attracting my attention of late and that’s copper. I’m not talking the brassy, orange and tarnished metal. No this is a warm, pale, rose-gold inspired copper perfectly formed and sculpted into smooth shapes. The copper pendant light is being hung high in beautiful kitchens, above marble islands and timber bench tops. They are lined up in rows of 2 or 3 reflecting each other’s beauty and creating focal points in otherwise white spaces.

Tara Pearce & Pinterest

Award-winning British designer, Tom Dixon is being credited for the rise of this ordinary metal into a modernist design classic. His round, globe-shaped shade is perfectly at home in an art deco inspired lounge, over a marble flute table or in a rustic bedroom. Suspend them collectively and you have an installation worthy of London’s most glamourous restaurants and stores.


The April/May edition of Belle magazine showcases a simple yet stunning marble kitchen brought to life by the glow of copper. I hope you take some inspiration from these images and weave some metallic warmth through your home.

Belle magazine


Festive frills

Image Birdy & Me

As you can imagine, living in Australia is pretty close to perfect all year round….sun, surf, big blue skies and delicious fresh food!! But every December, my heart starts to sink as we approach Christmas time. I hate to say it, but it is just not the same down under! To me, Christmas is dark cold nights and frosty mornings; spicy mulled wine with mince pies; venturing out to buy the best fir tree we can find; cosy days spent viewing the best of the BBC; and always always waiting and watching for snow!!! Oh the excitement of a white Christmas!!

We’re lucky enough to alternate our Christmas holidays between the UK and Australia and this year it is our turn to enjoy festivities in Brisbane. Our Aussie Christmas is the very opposite with bright sunshining days; searching for shade as we dine outside; enjoying fresh mangoes, prawns and cherries with a chilled Pinot Gris. It’s about escaping to the coast for summer as the days get hotter, cicadas grow louder and the beers colder.

Despite my apprehensions of Christmas down under, there is a lot to love about this relaxed casual approach to festivities. I’ve discovered some beautifully inspiring decorations with a natural, rustic vibe using native plants set against earthy tones of brown paper, twine and weathered wood. I couldn’t resist sharing these inspiring images from local designers, stylists and artists with an amazing eye for capturing the joy of a Christmas spent in the sunshine.

Images The design villa blog & Little Paper Lane

There are also bold flashes of colour and it’s not all red and green…it’s tropical, fresh and festive.

Images Black and Spiro

And this one is not Australian but I just love the natural elements of feathers and brown paper mixed with coral papers and tags… wrapping heaven courtesy of Decor8 X


Colour Crave: Grey & Chartreuse

I realise that about once a week I become somewhat infatuated with a colour! So I’m thinking this might be a regular little post called Colour Crave…where I collect my inspiration for a certain shade, pairing or palette.

This week my mind is on grey and chartreuse….the electric shade of yellow. It’s a funny one because only a few years ago I wasn’t so sure about this combination…seeing it as the colour choice for nurseries of parents unsure if they were having a boy or girl! But more recently I’ve been drawn to this beautiful match where plain calming grey provides a neutral palette for its more zesty partner. It has been overused of late too…weddings and baby showers are a big fan….but cut through the paper lanterns and tissue pom poms, and you’ll find some stunning sources of inspiration for styling in your home.


Images Pinterest & Decor8 blog

It was the colour couple of choice for Country Road, whose spring 2012 homewares collection was a perfect display of all things chartreuse yellow and grey with lampshades, cushions, throws and ceramics hitting it off beautifully.

Images Country Road

My living space took on a grey and chartreuse direction when I bought a grey patterned ceramic stool from Magnolia Interiors. This little purchase led to a beautiful marble tulip side table, which looked perfect topped with yellow trimmings. Some chartreuse-inspired soft furnishings were next and now I’m just longing for the perfect grey couch to complete my look. It seems that Pantone included chartreuse in its 2012 colour trends for Autumn (northern hemisphere) so embrace the brights, match with grey and enjoy x

Image by wakemetoseethesunrise

The Mint Edition

I’m having a mint moment – not a retro 50s mint moment – but a cool seafoam and soft peppermint moment. One that looks incredible contrasted with camel, navy, coral and peach. Perhaps it’s spending the weekend at the beach that inspired me… or maybe it is my obsession with coral and peach and how it looks so beautiful with minty hues…or perhaps it’s my lovely blog header above that’s been front of mind – whatever the reason, I’m loving mint.


At home I like the idea of a mint-coloured desk placed against a citrus wall to brighten up a study nook, a mint chair sat in a industrial grey space or mint ceramics filled with fuscia blooms.

Think of sipping mint mojitos lazing at a beach club as the sun sets low in the sky. Or eat mint and broad bean bruschetta with ricotta on sourdough- a perfect spring bite. Enjoy lounging in mint denim with soft gold accessories. It’s fresh, fun and delicate. X

All images from pinterest

Dreaming in Neon

The recent resurgence of neon isn’t going anywhere! The bright flashes of bold colours are weaving their way through fashion, interiors and art in a huge way! I sit writing this in a neon chartreuse skirt paired with black lace, and it made me think how far we’ve come from the 80’s fluros of acid yellows and fanta oranges, only worn to reflect UV light.

George Wu spring 2012 collection & pinterest

The 2012 version is prettier, chic and more subtle…if that word can be used in the same sentence as neon! Colours aren’t fluro but more electric sherbet shades of pink, lime, coral, yellow, turquoise and mauve.

Not only are we seeing them on the catwalk – only last night Diane Von Furstenberg showed her latest collection in Sydney, and neon rocked the runway! But the beautiful brights are being layered everyday to clash in accessories, jewels, nail polish and lipstick all matched with a perfect tan!


Hints of neon and pops of colour are featuring widely in interior styling – both Australian furniture designers Koskela and Jardan are pairing muted greys and neutrals with rainbow brights to create spaces that are striking, fun and playful. Chairs and table legs are being sprayed neon from the can, bold bright cushions are sitting easily against classic sofas, and lampshades are bursting with colour next to white walls.

pinterest & Koskela

Artists like Miranda Skoczek are dripping animals in neon paint and they hang beautifully and boldly in their frames. I love her latest collection currently showing at Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane.

Miranda Skoczek

Event styling and table scapes are following the lead and doing all things neon…. So buy yourself some stationery and create a neon soirĂ©e using inspiration from the fabulous moodboard at Pocketful of Dreams below – think table cloths, gift tags, paper wheels and flowers! You’ll be dining in neon heaven! X


Pocketful of Dreams