Copper Glow


There is a common theme running through interiors that are attracting my attention of late and that’s copper. I’m not talking the brassy, orange and tarnished metal. No this is a warm, pale, rose-gold inspired copper perfectly formed and sculpted into smooth shapes. The copper pendant light is being hung high in beautiful kitchens, above marble islands and timber bench tops. They are lined up in rows of 2 or 3 reflecting each other’s beauty and creating focal points in otherwise white spaces.

Tara Pearce & Pinterest

Award-winning British designer, Tom Dixon is being credited for the rise of this ordinary metal into a modernist design classic. His round, globe-shaped shade is perfectly at home in an art deco inspired lounge, over a marble flute table or in a rustic bedroom. Suspend them collectively and you have an installation worthy of London’s most glamourous restaurants and stores.


The April/May edition of Belle magazine showcases a simple yet stunning marble kitchen brought to life by the glow of copper. I hope you take some inspiration from these images and weave some metallic warmth through your home.

Belle magazine


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