Festive frills

Image Birdy & Me

As you can imagine, living in Australia is pretty close to perfect all year round….sun, surf, big blue skies and delicious fresh food!! But every December, my heart starts to sink as we approach Christmas time. I hate to say it, but it is just not the same down under! To me, Christmas is dark cold nights and frosty mornings; spicy mulled wine with mince pies; venturing out to buy the best fir tree we can find; cosy days spent viewing the best of the BBC; and always always waiting and watching for snow!!! Oh the excitement of a white Christmas!!

We’re lucky enough to alternate our Christmas holidays between the UK and Australia and this year it is our turn to enjoy festivities in Brisbane. Our Aussie Christmas is the very opposite with bright sunshining days; searching for shade as we dine outside; enjoying fresh mangoes, prawns and cherries with a chilled Pinot Gris. It’s about escaping to the coast for summer as the days get hotter, cicadas grow louder and the beers colder.

Despite my apprehensions of Christmas down under, there is a lot to love about this relaxed casual approach to festivities. I’ve discovered some beautifully inspiring decorations with a natural, rustic vibe using native plants set against earthy tones of brown paper, twine and weathered wood. I couldn’t resist sharing these inspiring images from local designers, stylists and artists with an amazing eye for capturing the joy of a Christmas spent in the sunshine.

Images The design villa blog & Little Paper Lane

There are also bold flashes of colour and it’s not all red and green…it’s tropical, fresh and festive.

Images Black and Spiro

And this one is not Australian but I just love the natural elements of feathers and brown paper mixed with coral papers and tags…..gift wrapping heaven courtesy of Decor8 X



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