Equestrian love

It’s spring carnival in Australia and this week the fabulous Flemington race track held the iconic and world’s most watched race, the Melbourne Cup. Think handsome thoroughbreds, champagne bottles popping and head pieces to die for. All this action means everything equine is on my mind…. so here is a nod to the graceful, powerful and beautiful horse.

Horses have a stately beauty and presence….shining groomed coats, sculpted statuesque limbs, and faces framed by long lashes. It is no surprise that horses and fashion have long been an inspiring and stunning mix. Models draped on horseback bring a strong yet ethereal feel to a photograph. The simple profile of horse and model is a glamourous pairing. Iconic black and white images of Audrey Hepburn and Miranda Kerr come to mind. A certain sense of timeless charm, old world glamour and spirit of adventure is captured by the lens.


The latest edition of Vogue Australia is a tribute to the world’s most talked about horse of the moment, Black Caviar. The unbeaten black beauty, who commands more attention track side than any celebrity race-goer, graces this month’s front cover and I couldn’t resist snapping it up. The photographs are stunning.

Of course away from the track there is the bohemian spirit of horse and rider, galloping across fields, mountains and deserts. I love images of prairie girl and stallion, manes blowing in the wind and big blue skies above. It is a sense of adventure and romance that quite simply can’t be created with any other animal.

So channel your inner cowgirl, plait your mane and feel the thunder of hooves – horses will always inspire. X

images pinterest & Vogue Australia


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