The Mint Edition

I’m having a mint moment – not a retro 50s mint moment – but a cool seafoam and soft peppermint moment. One that looks incredible contrasted with camel, navy, coral and peach. Perhaps it’s spending the weekend at the beach that inspired me… or maybe it is my obsession with coral and peach and how it looks so beautiful with minty hues…or perhaps it’s my lovely blog header above that’s been front of mind – whatever the reason, I’m loving mint.


At home I like the idea of a mint-coloured desk placed against a citrus wall to brighten up a study nook, a mint chair sat in a industrial grey space or mint ceramics filled with fuscia blooms.

Think of sipping mint mojitos lazing at a beach club as the sun sets low in the sky. Or eat mint and broad bean bruschetta with ricotta on sourdough- a perfect spring bite. Enjoy lounging in mint denim with soft gold accessories. It’s fresh, fun and delicate. X

All images from pinterest


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