Dreaming in Neon

The recent resurgence of neon isn’t going anywhere! The bright flashes of bold colours are weaving their way through fashion, interiors and art in a huge way! I sit writing this in a neon chartreuse skirt paired with black lace, and it made me think how far we’ve come from the 80’s fluros of acid yellows and fanta oranges, only worn to reflect UV light.

George Wu spring 2012 collection & pinterest

The 2012 version is prettier, chic and more subtle…if that word can be used in the same sentence as neon! Colours aren’t fluro but more electric sherbet shades of pink, lime, coral, yellow, turquoise and mauve.

Not only are we seeing them on the catwalk – only last night Diane Von Furstenberg showed her latest collection in Sydney, and neon rocked the runway! But the beautiful brights are being layered everyday to clash in accessories, jewels, nail polish and lipstick all matched with a perfect tan!


Hints of neon and pops of colour are featuring widely in interior styling – both Australian furniture designers Koskela and Jardan are pairing muted greys and neutrals with rainbow brights to create spaces that are striking, fun and playful. Chairs and table legs are being sprayed neon from the can, bold bright cushions are sitting easily against classic sofas, and lampshades are bursting with colour next to white walls.

pinterest & Koskela

Artists like Miranda Skoczek are dripping animals in neon paint and they hang beautifully and boldly in their frames. I love her latest collection currently showing at Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane.

Miranda Skoczek

Event styling and table scapes are following the lead and doing all things neon…. So buy yourself some stationery and create a neon soirée using inspiration from the fabulous moodboard at Pocketful of Dreams below – think table cloths, gift tags, paper wheels and flowers! You’ll be dining in neon heaven! X


Pocketful of Dreams


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