Styling dinner outdoors

My memories of Ibiza seem to centre around balmy evenings watching the sun go down, before dining under the stars. There’s something very romantic and magical about a rustic table lit by the moon and littered with candles. With the sound of cicadas filling the air and the opening of a beautiful bottle of wine, you have your perfect evening. This led me to think about styling dinners outside in rustic surroundings…maybe a wedding reception, a picnic at dusk, friends celebrating your birthday on a city rooftop or a family feast in the garden, I hope the following provides you with inspiration.

Just this weekend, I walked home at dusk and spotted a beautiful evening soiree being held in my neighbour’s garden. This very mundane patch of grass had been transformed into a magical, whimsical and fairy tale dinner…one that I walked past very enviously. Tables were scattered across the lawn, fairy lights strung between trees, bunting marked the entrance, chilled tunes played out from the deck and the yummy aromas of barbecued food filled the air.

When planning my own such events, some elements are crucial. Long tables are better than rounds and fill them with a whimsical mis-matched mix of candles, lanterns, vases and flowers. Drape lights from above, whether they’re fairy lights, paper lanterns or a beautiful old chandelier…make it a focus and remember you can’t have too much twinkle! As well as lights, think about other ways of creating beauty above you. I like fabric draped to match your table linen, flowers and branches unevenly suspended or colorful glass votives mirroring your glassware. Add laid-back tunes, large wooden platters of gourmet treats to share and thread a theme through your evening, whether it’s colour, era or region. Enjoy x











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