More Ibiza musings….

I couldn’t finish my little piece on Ibiza without mentioning La Paloma This beautiful, quirky, magical little restaurant is one of the best on the island. On the evening we visited, the sunset was more stunning than usual as we drove north to San Lorenzo. Across dusty roads we drove, following the sun as it dipped below the mountains.

On arrival to the tiny village of San Lorenzo, we found La Paloma tucked into a cosy little corner and followed the lanterns that lit the path to this beautiful place. The restaurant was overflowing with people…young and old bohemians. There was a magic in the air as old rickety wooden tables filled every nook and cranny of the terrace, patio, garden and inside too, all laced with fairy lights. We squeezed into a small table under the stars and soaked up the laughter and energy surrounding us. La Paloma was started by a family wanting to provide simple seasonal food. The menu changes daily and is scribbled up on a board…it’s whatever they have found at the market, in the garden, or dreamt up in the kitchen. They serve fresh local dishes inspired by their surroundings. The vibe is hippy, alternative and rustic. There are whimsical paintings on the wall of flowers and birds, mismatched crockery and cutlery laid on brightly painted tables. That night we dined on eggplant, fish, garlic and olive oil spaghetti with Rose. Above us the moon shone brightly lighting the night sky and we know we’re in Ibizan heaven.




1 La Paloma
2 La Paloma


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