White Isle Gourmet

Following on from my musings on all things Ibizan style, I thought I would tell you about some beautiful restaurants I experienced on my last trip to the white isle. To me, Ibiza is a gastronomic destination and most of my holiday is spent researching the best places to eat and drink, talking to the locals and fashion types in the know, and reading reviews. It was a heady haze of long lunches of Iberian ham, melon, mussels, and mojitos eaten lazily under the shade. In the evening, we’d book a table after sunset and as the sun dipped below the horizon, we’d wind our way across the tiny isle in search of a gourmet treat to remember.

One of our favorites is Can Domingo, a rustic yet elegant restaurant owned by 3 Italian friends wanting to create their perfect eatery. And they did! On the road from Ibiza town to San Jose you will see the glow of orange lamps nestled against the hillside. A swinging sign is the only clue to the little finca housing this heavenly restaurant at the end of the long driveway. Tables are scattered across a patio looking out across the fields and lit by lanterns in the trees. A stone bar curves out across the terrace and the setting is romantic, atmospheric, with a nod to the stylish vibe Ibiza is so famous for. The owners greet everyone like old friends and bring an old blackboard to the table to tell us about the menu. They describe every dish with passion and knowledge, giving us an insight into the unusual ingredients and telling us the stories behind these beautiful old recipes. It is gourmet heaven and an indulgent experience to savour. Dinner is carpaccio, gnocchi, lamb in lavender and honey, and a recipe created by monks 600 years ago. We match this with special wines and drink in this incredible dining spot…how is it not full every night!? It was by far our most romantic evening and we skipped out of Can Domingo smiling, dreaming of our next visit and feeling very lucky to have stumbled across this rustic little finca on the hill.

Tomorrow I will tell you about another favourite dining spot….



1 Can Domingo terrace
2 Can Domingo sign


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